Advanced Sensitive Sleep Consulting Program


** Special Announcement: Our Advanced program has brand new additions to the program which makes this an intensive learning experience. Students enrolled in this stream from 26th July 2020* will participate in ten individual one on one sessions with their instructor over the phone (or video conferencing). 

Stand out from the crowd with our best-value package. This advanced certification will extend your skillset and demonstrate to clients, your commitment to professional learning.  Participants who complete the requirements will be able to use the title Advanced Sensitive Sleep Consultant and receive a certificate of completion. This packaged program includes the standard Sensitive Sleep Consultant Certification as well as the Advanced modules. 

Please refer to the standard certification to learn what is included in this package. Additionally, Advanced component topic includes:

Lessons learned in clinical practice: Conflicting values and goals: getting to the core of why parents can fail at any sleep training and how to help them align with their values. 

Understanding Parenting approaches and learning styles

Self reflective practice: why do it and how to do it effectively.

Consultant Confidence: working on your own self worth as a professional... an Aha! Moment for growing your business.

Interviews with successful business leaders in the sleep consulting industry across  the globe.

Working with older children. Are you nervous about what comes after the Threenager? We look at working with kids aged 3-10 years.

Examining perinatal depression and attachment to child in pregnancy in relation to post birth relationship with child and likelihood of postnatal depression.  Exclusive access to an unreleased systematic review of the scientific research in the last ten years.

Practical guided activity to demonstrate how to get your client to open up more so you can work out the best method for their problem. Gain insight into how to personally apply effective communication.

Case dissection and consultation of a real life practice client. In depth comparison of our prior assumptions and knowledge VS the outcome of the consultation. 

Research update - a discussion around recent research.

Business coaching - a psychological perspective.

Assessment: Along with the standard certification requirements, there is an additional online quiz on the advanced modules. Engagement in ten personalised sessions with your allocated instructor in one-on-one phone/video sessions forms part of the assessment.

Past graduates of the Advanced Program are welcome to join any future group sessions at no additional cost.

What does it mean to be an Advanced Sensitive Sleep Consultant? 

Becoming an Advanced Sensitive Sleep Consultant (ASSC) shows your clients and peers that you acknowledge learning is an ongoing process. ASSC's are able to demonstrate a more advanced level of understanding client needs and the complexities around sleep and working with families and self awareness as a professional. To maintain status as an ASSC, consultants engage in peer supervision (eg. regular participation in the peer support group online), explore resources (eg. wider reading) and attend other professional development (eg. free online seminars in the health, allied health, education, child and family related sectors), and/or mentoring with an approved consultant. There is no annual fee to maintain your status.

* Only students who enrolled in the new stream of the Advanced program from 26th July 2020 are eligible for the ten intensive one-on-one sessions. Students who enrolled in the Advanced program prior to this date are not included in the new stream, however, they are able to upgrade to the new stream by contacting us and paying the upgrade fee.

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