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With over 400 students, this is not a directory of all graduates. This is a list of graduates who are happy to be contacted by future students to share their experience of training and working in the industry

Tsen Bogan (Australia) 

Hala Merola  (Australia)

Sarah Mann  (Germany)


Dr. Lisa Campbell  (Australia)


Kim Sopman and Gillian Minsky  (Canada)


Jen Butler


Hannah Peterson, Kate Swanson, Kelsey Dresseley, Samantha Graham, Lydia Bighouse  (USA)


Eva Josth

Katie’s Cortes


Emily Duffell


Dovile Safranauske  (Lithunia)


Veena Parry  (Australia)


Catherine Kerrigan  (USA)

Aletta Boonstra  (Netherlands)

Jake Wearing  (Australia)

Mariana Britto

Catherine Ma



Bernadette Day (Australia) 

Hilmani Dalmai (India) 

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