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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I see the full course prospectus?


Absolutely.  Please download our 22 page course outline by entering your email. Please check your junkmail/promotions tabs for the link.



Top Reasons to choose ISSC:


* Globally recognized program. Founder is the International Association of Child Sleep Consultant's Regional Rep for Australia-New Zealand. Based in Australia and USA, we are pleased to work with all international students.

* We are the pioneering provider of training to professionals with a foundation of family-centred and attachment theory-based education. Our program is evidence informed. We do not ask you to purchase gimmick books from other sleep consultants.

* We offer personal mentoring one-on-one by phone

* We review a recording of your practice work

* We are the most affordable (we avoid fancy design costs and aggressive marketing strategies - relying on word of mouth of happy students mostly)

* Our approach is thoughtful - we encourage our consultants to gain an understanding of relevant psychological constructs that will help you understand the why & how of behaviour modification so you will have the ability to apply various methods in various scenarios RATHER than just being taught a set of methods from someone else's book to adhere to - you will be able to effectively adapt them to suit the client.


Can I do the course at any time and at my own pace?


Yes - you can move through the online content at your pace. You choose when you are ready to take assessments online and attend mentoring by phone.


Can I set up a payment plan?


 Yes - The upfront full fee has been discounted for you, however if you prefer a payment plan, thats no problem. For terms and conditions, visit 


Can I work as a Sleep Consultant in my own business? or Can I get paid work with ISSC?


Yes - the program will prepare you for real world scenarios and you're able to start your own consultancy upon completion. We do from time to time offer casual contracts to graduates, and we also have trained businesses who recruit consultants from our program. We have a Program Representative pathway for consultants who want to represent the Institute to potential students.  You can of course work for yourself and still be referred clients from us too. Either way, you choose the hours you want to work around your lifestyle.


I've heard that 'controlled crying' methods are more effective and get faster results. Will I be learning these too?


These methods will be discussed in the program, however, more thoughtful and respectful approaches will be encouraged. ISSC does not advocate cry it out or controlled crying. Whilst these methods are popular and gain fast results in many cases, ISSC feels that these methods largely ignore the child (and the issue) and many of our clients feel uneasy with these approaches. Our approaches listen to the child. Some of our methods can be tailored to 'no cry' techniques, and whilst in some of our methods there may be crying, frustration or upset, we choose to listen and respond appropriately and compassionately, based on the child and the parent rather than the clock's timed checks. Ultimately, however, we support the family, and completely understand how in some situations, parents are at their breaking points and briefly leaving the room is often the most helpful/safest tactic. As an ISSC consultant we support all parent's choices, as no one but the individual parent knows what the parent is going through in the moment.


Is sleep training the only approach I will learn?


No- firstly, much of our work with sensitive clients is about sleep 'transitioning' not 'training'. Secondly, there is no point beginning any sleep training method if the body is not prepared for great sleep. Thats why you will be learning the benefits of 'clean sleeping' (as in, 'clean eating' is getting back to simplicity for a healthy body, as is 'clean sleeping' for a healthy sleep). You will gain an understanding of the science of sleep, the emotional factors affecting sleep (or lack there of), sleep hygeine, behavioural habits and age-appropriate routines.

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