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Continued Professional Development Membership for Sleep Consultants, Allied Health, Teachers, Medical Professionals and Students with an interest in child sleep.

Open to all sleep consultants - you do not have to be certified by our Institute to join.

View on our App or from the website.

Access the diverse collection* of micro courses to aid your continued professional development in topics such as: Autism Sleep Issues, Mother's Stress and Impact On Sleep, Foster Independence: Improving Toddler Behaviour, Writing Sleep Plans, Influencing baby sleep outcomes in pregnancy, Toddler Sleep Challenges & Interventions, Nurturing the Mother: Perinatal Mental Health, Guide to Running a Successful Sleep Consultancy, Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, Putting Split Nights Back Together, Bed Sharing / Co Sleeping, Trauma and Domestic Violence Impacts on Child Sleep, ADHD Sleep Issues, Cultural Considerations: Baby Sleep in India, Managing Milk Intolerance and Baby Sleep, Healthy Mindful Eating for Better Sleep

As well as participating in our private forums, blogs, and live case discussion classes.

New content is added on a regular basis, stay subscribed for full benefits. 

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Join our Professional's Hub

  • Premium Member

    Every year
    Package includes access to micro learnings, and attend live topics.
    • Annual membership to meet Professional Development needs
    • Receive certificates for Micro Learnings
    • Access ALL Micro Learnings
    • Participate in Live Lessons (Recorded if you miss it)
    • Join the community Forum
    • Invite to be a recognised Blog contributor
  • Best Value

    Elite Member

    Every year
    Package includes all the entitlements of the Premium package plus Quarterly 1:1 consultations
    • 1:1 Consultations with CEO for business mentoring
    • Access Live Topics
    • Micro Learnings certificates and badges
    • Participate in community forum

Cancel any time.

* Please note the hub is a subscription program and that courses are released at intervals over the year, determined by the Institute, so maintaining your annaul membership to complete all the courses is recommended. We cannot guarentee which courses are available to you in the first month you sign up.   The hub is in its Beta phase, we value your feedback. Costs after the Beta phase may increase. Please email us if you would like further clarification. 

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