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"I cannot express how grateful I am to you for your help with my daughter. You were so warm and kind, and very easy to talk to about all of the issues I had been having with her sleep. She slept through the first night, and 3 weeks later she is going to bed happy, putting herself to sleep by cuddling and talking to her teddy bear, and she sleeps a solid 12 hours. Her eating has improved during the day as well. Thanks again for your help."


Nicole Wear, mum of Elly, 17 months



"Your advice was gold"

Kim and Andrew (phone consults, Melbourne)


"Was totally not expecting your gentle and super attentive method to work. Who would have thought that a sleep consultant would tell me to feed her straight away every time she woke up. No controlled crying, no agony. By Night 15 she was sleeping through!"

Kate (baby girl aged 6 months). 


"Kel, I would just like to say a huge thank you to you for helping us out with the sleep issues we were having with our 9 and a half month old. You and others say it can take up to 2 weeks to see results but we had results even on the 1st night. And from there things got better and better. Our little man is now sleeping 12 hours straight at night wit 2 good day time naps. Even though he is teething now and has a head cold and feeling miserable he still is able to self settle if he wakes up during the night. You have given us our lives back and given us normality instead of constant sleep deprivation. If there was 1 bit of advice I could give anyone going through sleep issues with their baby I would say ...just contact Kel immediately. She is an amazing lady who in my eyes is a genius. We cannot thank you enough."

Noelle and Stewart xx


"Kel - we cannot thank you enough for the assistance you gave to getting our little princess to love sleeping! I just wish I had contacted you 4 months ago and stopped making excuses as to why her sleeping was out of whack (and in turn stopped my own internal guilt). You were caring and understanding, listened to our family lifestyle challenges and at all times made sure we were comfortable with the plan. Thank you for giving our daughter the gift of sleep xx"

Selina Pollard (baby girl aged 10 months)


"Before you came to help Bree learn the meaning of sleep, I must admit, I was a skeptic. Hence why I took so long to book in with you!! Bree was a baby who could sleep through from 8 weeks old. She would sleep a solid 6 hours (for a baby that young it's not bad at all). I thought I had a great baby, until she got her teeth at 4.5 months old... Then it all went downhill!! By the time I had finally come to you, Bree would not go to sleep any other way than breast feeding, she simply refused to go to sleep earlier than 11pm and if she did she woke so often I may as well have not put her to bed. She would wake on average 6 times a night and be up by no later than 7am (that was her good days). We did this until she was 14 months old. I don't know how I survived in all honesty She's now almost 16 months old, since having you, I have gone into her at night once. That's right, once!! That one time I went in, she had done a number 2 and was sick, she very quickly went back to sleep and not one objection!! (I must admit I was worried!!). Bree is now teething, she has an eye tooth coming through, I know with lane that was his worst one!! Other than not eating much, I have not noticed any behavioural changes!! I'm shocked that you have made such a difference in such a short time! To sum it up, I have no idea why it took me SO LONG to have faith in your work!! I would (and have) highly recommend you to anybody wanting a better nights sleep, not only for themselves but their children too!!"

Cassie Hicks


"I first contacted Kel when my daughter was about 4 months old and screaming every time we entered her room (let alone put her in the cot) along with waking around 4-8 times a night. Nap times & bed time was so stressful and making us all very anxious. I have loved Kel's gentle and calming approach, and I felt a surge of confidence every time I spoke with her. We noticed a difference in the first few days and it kept getting better. My girl is 12 months old and sleeps through the night - something I had started to give up on ever happening! She is so much happier during the day, and goes to sleep without any crying. Kel is fabulous and very affordable, particularly given her ongoing support." 

Karma Mayfield (phone consults, Darwin)


​"If anyone out there is having problems with your baby's routine or sleep Kel can help you! She was great,the results we have seen with our 9 month old daughter are amazing. We had been rocking/walking our baby to sleep for 9 months in this time have tried numerous things to get her to self settle.After a consultation with an interstate sleep nurse we had her sleeping ok of a night but still made no difference to the days. Being in the build up it was ridiculous walking for sometimes up to an hour to get her to take a nap. Then a holiday ruined our nights as well.In the end we bit the bullet and contacted Kel and we wish we had of done this a long time ago! She was accommodating and came to see us in just a few days. She clearly discussed the options and suited the program according with what we were comfortable with.The results speak for themselves our baby who had never self settled or slept in the cot during the day was now doing so in a matter of days. Taking two naps a day and sleeping through 12 hours uninterrupted of a night,also I might add a much happier baby and mum and dad to. Huge weight to have been lifted off our shoulders.Cannot recommend enough, don't delay I know Kel is very determined and will see your case through till the end."


Sarah and Dean Jarvis (baby girl aged 9 months)


"You were more than helpful. You were always checking up on us and offerring a helping hand. It was hard and stressful but your reassurance helped me get through"


​Mum of Baby boy Z, age 6 weeks.

​“I feel so much better already without dummy and he's feeding more through the day... so so happy thanks for your support!.... not to give you a big head, but you're a genius”


Mum of Baby boy A, age 4 months.​


"I was determined to follow the schedule 100% in the first 3 days especially as I could see the results straight away. The day is so much more relaxing and easier whereas before I felt like I was spending the whold day trying to put Chloe to sleep. She is a lot happier and well rested. Above my expectations.

"Emma Meacham, mum of baby girl, age 8 months


"I just wanted to post on here to say that if anyone is thinking of enlisting Kel's services but are unsure I would recommend her she was amazing last night helping me with my 6 month old I could not have done it with out her thanks again Kel"

Amanda, mum of Baby Girl E, age 6 months


My little man is now sleeping much better of a nighttime . It's still a work in progress but we can definitely see a huge improvement. Kel was fantastic and having her help us was the best thing we've done to get a happier baby and less tired parents. Thanks kel! "

Mum of Baby boy A, age 7months. Dummy-dependent.


"Hey Kel. Well, I have a different child. We didn't hear from him until 5:30am this morning, he resettled and didn't get up again till just before 7am. Thank you so much. I am sure I will have some questions over the coming week but so far so good"

Mum of Baby boy A, age 7 months.

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