Ongoing education / mini workshops

In 2016 we will be offering FREE mini workshops / topic discussion group chats for members to help develop your professional skills in consulting.


Topics include:


The Client Decision making problem –  Making decisions is hard, and even harder when you’re sleep deprived.  When we struggle to make decisions we struggle to follow through and see success. Choosing which path to go down for a sleep training plan for instance is one of these difficult decisions. How can we manage our emotions, weigh up pro’s and con’s etc when our imagination runs wild with possible outcomes? In this mini workshop we look at how to coach your client through making decisions confidently, based on cognitive psychology principles.


(Duration: 1.5 hours live group skype workshop and handout worksheet)


What do Babies know? - a discussion on the latest cognitive development research on infants and toddlers. Exploring  further how psychological and neurological science have made leaps in discovering just how smart our little cookies are!  We discuss possibility of birth memory, what kinds of events, emotions, situations do leave a lasting impression on newborns to toddlers memory, when do babies understand what we're telling them, how excessive sucking effects language development, and how theory of mind is developed and how this may impact behavioural technique options.  


(Duration: 1.5 hours live group skype workshop)



Members price: FREE

Non-members: $45 (includes membership, 1 year)



Guest presenters and other topics to be announced.


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