Aware Parenting Consultation


Bring more harmony to your family while taking care of everybody’s needs! Our certified Aware Parenting Instructor has a masters in education and is a proud attachment parent herself, leading a babywearing playgroup. She can address the following issues (plus many more) for children of all ages:


  • aggression (biting, verbal, hitting, pushing)

  • helping a baby or toddler to sleep better at night, while still keeping that important night time connection

  • attachment/bonding/trust

  • communication skills

  • defiance/child not listening

  • helping to understand and deal with tantrums, crying, raging and emotions

  • helping to keep children drug free and feeling positive

  • lying/cheating

  • fears

  • toilet training

  • siblings


Kate will spend an invaluable hour with you and your family to listen to your concerns, help coach you through gentle (or 'attachment parenting') strategies that will shed light on the situation and transform how you and your family handle emotions. 


Skype/Phone: $130 (includes follow up support after the consult)

In-home: Price on request

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